About Chocolate Thunder

Chocolate Thunder at the Montreal Jazz Fest

Chocolate Thunder at the Montreal Jazz Fest, July 4th, 2009

Linda "Chocolate Thunder" Rodney

When Chocolate Thunder roars onto the stage, she’s fully charged … a sweet explosion of heart and soul and raw vocal energy that will leave you reeling from the sheer power of this extraordinary performer.

A mix of Tina Turner, Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin all rolled into one, Chocolate Thunder puts it out there like she invented it. She doesn’t hold back. She’s got something to say and she belts it out for all the world to hear. There’s nothing shy about this baby.


"I remember my Aunt Mattie telling me, 'Linda, don't stand up there trying to look pretty, get into it, tell the story, sometimes you gotta get ugly with it.' From that day to this, I love to give it all I got.
"You see, I not only know how to sing the Blues, I know why we sing it."

―Linda "Chocolate Thunder" Rodney